Another cat story….

Misha is our other black cat, tiny, with just a tip of white at the end of her tail. Her name means “One Who is like God”. The name was not given purposefully as it was a total accident when she was given that name. Our daughters Allison and Autumn came up with the name when we adopted her two years ago and later I had looked up its meaning and was pleasantly surprised.

I was reminded of this as she just sat her right before the monitor and keyboard wanting her morning affection before I started working here in the home office. I am reminded of this also because as I write this, today’s lesson is Lesson 110 – I am as God created me.

If we are as God created us then we are joyful and at peace; we have no cares in the world, and no anxieties or worries. We are simply as our Father intended us to be.

Misha embodies this with her personality. I have always joked that with that just little white tip of tail that she carries the Light with her wherever she goes. It is quite amusing to see her go by and all you see is the tail held high with the light shining away wherever she wanders. That is for us too. If we want freedom from the past and the fearful, judgmental thoughts in our mind, then we too need to carry our Light high. We need to know the goodness that we are. If we seek the Truth, deep within our mind, then we will know it to be true.

That is what Lesson 110 would have us do.

We are to know that God created us. We are to honor ourselves. We are to remember that we are God’s Son. We are no longer lost but found.

Misha is a joyful, playful, jovial and upbeat cat. No matter what is going on she can bring a smile to the face when I am feeling ill or sad. She loves to love. She embodies the truth of us all. We want be joyful and we want to recognize the truth. We want peace. All of this we can have when we let go of our own beliefs about ourselves, all of the judgments, the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s, and just know that our Father created us in Love and LOVE is Who we are.

See the reminders everywhere of our Father’s Love for us. Holy Spirit has placed them there for us to remember. These reminders lead us Home.

Look around you and notice where your reminders are appearing today. They may appear as a little black cat that happily crosses your path today.


Rev. Deb


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