Suggestions for How to Read A Course in Miracles

These are merely suggestions that we have found helpful in our many years of study. You may find it helpful too. Use it as you will.

  • Before you begin your journey through A Course in Miracles, take time to sit in meditation with the Holy Spirit.
    • Declare your dedication,
    • Become aware of your motivation for this study,
    • Answer, “What is your purpose or goal?” “What is it for?” (See Setting the Goal section in the Text)
    • Journal your responses.
  • The important dedication with this study is to the openness and willingness to learn, even if you have been studying A Course in Miracles for many years. Be open and willing to learn new insights.
  • Dedicate at least 30 minutes – 1 hour to daily study.
  • Before you begin your actual daily study, sit in silence for a few minutes. This is your time of clearing and readiness so that you may receive the gifts offered to you today.
  • You may divide your time between morning and night, if you feel that is more doable with your personal schedule.
  • The Text is the foundation of A Course in Miracles’ thought system, whereas the Workbook for Students is for direct practical application of the Text’s ideas. However, as we read and reflect with Holy Spirit we can become aware of application of the Text, Manual for Teachers, and Supplements in our own lives if we are open to it.
  • Read through each section three times. (Whatever you designate for your reading time, i.e. Workbook Lesson, several pages, etc.)
    • First, read from an objective perspective. Get the feel of the reading and its content.
    • Now, read as if Jesus is speaking to you directly as your teacher.
      • Take notes or highlight as you read. Jot down items that stand out to you or seem to raise questions within your mind.
    • Finally, read in 1st person. Replacing the “you” with “I”.
      •  Be with the words and then contemplate on how you can apply what Jesus is sharing in the reading to your everyday life.
  • As you read, you may find ideas or points that you readily agree with. That is not where the real work is. The real work lies with those ideas that you may take disagreement with or find troubling to you. If they disrupt your peace, make note of these so that you may take those to the Holy Spirit in silence and await His Interpretation.
  • If you have questions on the reading or do not understand what you have read, stop and be still for a few moments. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to understand what you have read. Sometimes you may receive an answer right away, other times it may come to you later.
  •  Journaling is highly recommended either in an audio journal or a written journal. This does not have to take up a lot of time. It could be just one paragraph with a few sentences that summarizes what is in each section. In the journaling process, it is taking those ideas and concepts you have just read, reflecting and putting those concepts into your own words. You can also reflect on your life and how you can put into practical application those very ideas you have just read about.
  •  Remember that this is an individualized curriculum. The Holy Spirit will work with you in your life, using your life’s experiences, to help you to understand the Course’s thought system. How you come to understand it may differ slightly from someone else.
  •  Be open to other people’s experiences or thoughts on the Course.  It is helpful to your journey if you share with others and they with you. You can do this by joining a study group either in person where you live or online or on the phone, we have several opportunities for long distance learning with MiraclesOne. Meet with other students if you are able. Listen to others, yet always ask your Inner Teacher for discernment.
  •  Trust that your Inner Teacher, the Holy Spirit, will guide you all the way.
  •  As you journey through ACIM, remind yourself not to be attached to the ideas or your study in any way. Remember that it is easy to make the Course itself another idol. It is not important to memorize quotes and espouse those to others. We are moving from the words on the page to living them in our lives. Use your mistakes, your failings, your misunderstanding, and your disturbances of peace, all as tools for your awakening.
  •  As Jesus tells us in the Workbook for Students Introduction which also holds true for our study of the Text:Remember only this; you need not believe the ideas, you need not accept them, and you need not even welcome them. Some of them you may actively resist. None of this will matter, or decrease their efficacy. But do not allow yourself to make exceptions in applying the ideas the workbook contains, and whatever your reactions to the ideas may be, use them. Nothing more than that is required (Workbook, p. 2).


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