A Course in Miracles, we may have come to know a powerful way of thinking but truly A Course in Miracles is a way of living and being. It is learning how to walk through the world with a quiet sense of confidence, trust and inner peace.

Join us for this YEAR OF INNER PEACE. It will be a year-long opportunity to learn, or to remember, how to enter into the realm of our inner sanctuary. In the silence, we will meet with the Holy Spirit, release and let go of the past, of our expectations, of our hurt and pain and receive His Most Holy Wisdom and Love. Each month’s theme or step along the way, will light and support us down the path of the labyrinth that leads us to the center of Our Self.

Through this year-long practice we will surely come to know that “there is no peace except the peace of God.”

Stillness and meditation has always been a foundation of the work of MiraclesOne. Rev. Deb Phelps has been practicing meditation since 1980 and is a Transformation Meditation Teacher and Rev. Paul Phelps has been practicing meditation since 2000. Both have found this practice as an enhancement to their many years of study and practical application of A Course in Miracles.

If you resonate with our approach, then join us for our in-person and phone study groups and online events.


Daily Joining in the Phone Chapel – Unite with others in the holy instant.

Workbook Lesson Support Group –


Themes for 2012

January – Choose Once Again
February – What Love Is
March – Path to Serenity
April – The Obstacles to Peace
May – Looking Within
June – Perfect Stillness
July – Light of the World
August – Truth is True
September – Know Thyself
October – Holy Relationship
November – The Reflection of Holiness
December – The Holy Instant



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