Preface – How It Came

Preface – How It Came

I like to start with the Preface because I know that most times when I have read a book in the past, I have ignored an Introduction, a Forward, or a Preface. Here in the Preface, I can learn a great deal if I am open to it.

Miracles begin with a decision to share a common goal, whether it is with ACIM here as it states with Helen and Bill or myself when I join with the Holy Spirit. Miracles can and will take place when I provide the little willingness. That’s what Helen and Bill’s story is. The little willingness and out it grew.

“There must be another way.”

When I come to the place where I cannot take it anymore, then I surrender, and I look beyond how I think I should fix the problem. I am open to something new and not the way I had handled it before.

In my turning to Him, it was because of coming to the point in my life where I needed to see that the road that I was on was leading me nowhere. When I came to that fork in the road, I needed to see that there was another way that I could travel. I needn’t suffer any longer. And so joining with Holy Spirit with my “little willingness” has brought me out of the darkness and into the light.

Granted situations still occur, emotions still arise, yet I am sure that there is no turning back, no reason to go back to that fork in the road because overall the road has been smoother than the rocky road of pain that I had traveled.

“the story shows that with God all things are possible”

Is not my own experience a reflection of the same as I ponder my own life? All the chapters through the pages of my life, each twist, each plot, each drama have shown me at this point in my life that as I have turned to God, all things have been possible. I am carried by God throughout. My healing has been possible because I had turned to Him and accepted His help.

“provide a way…to find their own Internal Teacher”

No longer did I need to seek outside of myself for the answers. No God “up there” and seemingly unattainable, no priest needed to mediate for me. I can tune into the Divine Source myself, talk with Him, ask questions of Him and most importantly receive from Him. No special powers needed, no acquired knowledge, no certification needed, nothing but the willingness to hear and listen to the Voice of Truth telling me of my worth and the Love the Father has for me.

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