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Reality is Heaven although this course is not the only way to remember, it is a path among many and it has called me out of the darkness of many years of searching. I can still feel this many years later after the Course found me. In the Introduction, it pronounces that it is “a” course in miracles, not “the” course. I find that it is gentle and open-ended, always leaving me with the choice. 

Do I want to remember? 

Most certainly I want to remember. So I have enrolled in this course on my own accord, my own free will. I will get out of it what I put into it. The learning is always present if I wish to have eyes to see it before me. 

A few years ago, I remember an incident that occurred. At that time my thoughts had wandered to some harsh words that I read directed towards me by someone close to me. They had not known that I had read the words. When I read these words, I felt a sting of hurt, a stab in my heart for I had just spent time with this individual and in their presence all seemed full of love and laughter and I had felt a deeper connection had taken place. 

But to read these cutting words, I felt the block of fear rising. This wall of separation began to construct itself rather quickly out of the concrete of my fear. I wanted to attack back and defend myself, but yet I knew that it was not the answer.

The answer lies in love. And I do not wish to block the awareness of love’s presence any longer. When I see that these words written on a page are meaningless, an illusion that I have made up, I will know peace again. 

The words invoked deeply felt old wounds, truly only inflicted by my own mind. I accepted on some level that these words were true, even if I knew different intellectually. I had accepted guilt, thus accepting separation. This was the lesson that I elected to take that day, and honestly gladly so. To come through it to the other side and see that the truth about me cannot be threatened, was a golden moment. This seeming witness to my own fear recedes as I know that these word-symbols do not describe, cannot describe, Who I am and in reality they do not even exist. 

And then in the release through forgiveness, I experience the peace of God.

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