5 Areas of Truly Helpfulness to Ourselves & Others

As some of you may be aware, Rev. Paul is leaving for deployment very soon. We were at a Pre-Deployment Briefing seminar all day this past Saturday. There were seminars with information ranging from legal, to financial, to emotional resiliency, spiritual life, to if injury or death occurs. For the most part these last several months, I can say that I have felt rather grounded and at peace. If I look within though honestly, I can see that there has been fears and judgments and feelings of stress that lie under the hood.  It can be distracting and not even realize that the distraction is occurring.

One of the most important items towards the end of the day they discussed and was mentioned in the Chaplain’s talk on Spiritual Life, which involved how important communication is. Communication between soldier and spouse, with all of the deployed families, communication all the way around. Communication helps the feeling of connectedness and oneness. And this we do know too as Course students as we communicate with the Holy Spirit, our fears, our concerns and even our gratitude.

Although these last few months have been a new and different situation to not only me, but Paul and our whole family, I have felt blessed by those friends, students, colleagues and others who have been there to lend their kind support. And to this I offer my gratitude and thanks. On Saturday, I felt strongly guided to be of assistance to the deployed families by being a contact person and also to be that person they could come to in time of need, if they need to talk about their fears and concerns, if they need resources and the like. I do not know why I was guided to do this with all the responsibilities by heading up MiraclesOne, but I did not question the Holy Spirit. I trust in His Lead. I trust that He will provide me with everything that I need.

In meditation this morning, I came to 5 areas how I and we can be truly helpful to others.

These areas are: Communication, Compassion, Responsibility, Non-judgment and Forgiveness.

A.    Communication – Communication is vital for a Teacher of God. It is not only to listen with compassion, but to speak with compassion, without judgment. It is to practice loving kindness. In communication, we can strive to communicate directly and honestly without blame or criticism. In listening, we listen fully without our own agenda. We pay our attention to what is being said, and once again with compassion and without judgment.

B.    Compassion – Compassion for others and myself with whatever the situation is at hand. In practicing compassion, we strive to have an understanding where people are in the moment and what is going on in their lives. I may be guided to offer assistance if needed if I see that the person is overwhelmed or stressed. I step out of my own ego’s needs and look to see where I can be truly helpful.

C.    Responsibility – I remember that in the Course it tells us that “I am responsible for what I see.” In situations that arise, I take the personal responsibility to withdraw blame and look within to what is the situation really telling me and where are the places within that I need to focus on in healing. I am honest with myself in this discovery. If I am struggling with an issue or situation, I also step up to the plate and ask for assistance if I need it. I refrain from victim mentality. I offer assistance too if needed if I see someone is struggling. My brothers are my family.

D.    Non-judgment – If I feel a judgment arise, I immediately give that to the Holy Spirit. Not every situation or person will agree 100% with me or my beliefs or ideals. I come with an open mind to all that I experience and know that “I don’t’ know” and I will not use the past as the light to guide me. Perhaps I may need to go back to compassion and get out of my own ego mindset and be open to walking in another’s moccasins.

E.    Forgiveness – Practicing forgiveness of all of the situations or experiences or interactions that come my way. I choose to see beyond what my ego sees to seeing what the Holy Spirit sees. I let go of grievances and invite miracles instead.

Of course many more thoughts can come to mind and other areas too. This already has been starting to come to mind. Trust, being one, that comes. But in joining with Holy Spirit now, He is telling me about just these 5 areas and to focus on these areas at this time. Perhaps you feel inspired by these areas, perhaps you have your own areas that came to mind. Feel free to share it here on our boards, whether you are on our student board or on our Practical Application of ACIM board.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Rev. Deb


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