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621 N. Sherman Ave., Suites B7/8
Cambridge Place
Madison, WI 53704
Office: 608-318-4444

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I am sorry when my brothers do not share my decision to hear only one Voice, because it weakens them as teachers and as learners. Yet I know they cannot really betray themselves or me, and that it is still on them that I must build my church. There is no choice in this, because only you can be the foundation of God's church. A church is where an altar is, and the presence of the altar is what makes the church holy. A church that does not inspire love has a hidden altar that is not serving the purpose for which God intended it. I must found His church on you, because those who accept me as a model are literally my disciples. Disciples are followers, and if the model they follow has chosen to save them pain in all respects, they are unwise not to follow him. T-6.I.8.


We are technically a non-traditional and unconventional church, yet prefer to call ourselves a Center. Our ministers, Revs. Deb and Paul Phelps, co-founded MiraclesOne originally in 2003 while still living in Pittsburgh, PA. After they moved to Madison, WI in 2005 the next step of MiraclesOne was born. Revs. Deb and Paul are seasoned ACIM Teachers and Students and have presented at international ACIM Conferences and are well-known in the larger Course Community. Revs. Deb and Paul bring a wealth of personal experience to help others practically apply the Course principles to family matters, relationships, career, life choices, and everyday situations. Their dedication and devotion to living A Course in Miracles, is what inspires so many, not only here in Madison, but globally.

Please see our calendar for our Sunday Message & Meditation, ACIM Studies and other events.

Revs. Paul and Deb's focus is on the Inner Teacher within. With their down-to-earth nature personalities they approach the Course not from an "out-there" experience but to a truly personal experience. They do not look for your dependence on them as "gurus", instead they support your dependence on your own Inner Teacher, the Holy Spirit. They share their own personal experiences, even challenges from an honest-to-goodness place within their hearts. 

Our center here and globally is a community of like-minded people gathering together to support and share with one another in Loving Oneness. We hope you will see, that we are truly dedicated to encouraging and supporting others in "Practical Application of A Course in Miracles".

Through our forgiveness, we awaken.

Through our listening, we are guided.

Through our demonstration, we remind.

Through our sharing, we walk with our brothers and sisters on the journey Home.


In expanding our ministry, we offer a ministerial ordination program that is in-depth study of A Course in Miracles and all the background and experience that you need in ministering to others.

Please be sure to see our main website at www.miraclesone.org for all the details of our world-wide ministry, but most especially our Calendar that features our Madison programs and services, including location and contact information. Take note of our many free podcasts and free videos!

Our website will give you all the details of who we are. Please watch our videos and listen to our audio podcasts, to get a sense of who we are and how we teach and see if it resonates for you!


MiraclesOne and Revs. Deb and Paul Phelps

Presenters for the 2015 ACIM Conference in New York City, NY.

Co-sponsor and presenters for the 2013 ACIM Conference in Chicago, IL.

Presenters for the North Central Regional Conference in Cleveland OH, June of 2012.

Co-sponsor and presenters for the 2011 ACIM Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Co-sponsor and presenters for the 2009 ACIM Conference in San Francisco, CA


If you are interested in MiraclesOne providing a workshop or retreat for your church, group or organization,
contact us at revs@miraclesone.org.



Our Recommendations in Madison, WI

We only recommend what we truly believe in and with those whom we have a personal relationship or experience.


Meditation SuppliesSage Meditation




Sage Meditation – Located in our building, Sage Meditation offers exceptional meditation, yoga & massage products at affordable prices. They also have a showroom where you can try out the products. They offer a discount to MiraclesOne members. Please see the Sage Meditation site for all that they offer.







Yellow Feather Massage – Located in our building, Thomas Brockert, LMT is one of our members and a gifted, soothing, spiritual masseuse. Please see his website.




Yoga Classes

Northside Yoga – If you are looking for a yoga class that includes meditation and gentle yoga, then we recommend our own yoga teacher, Susan Doyle. Her yoga studio is a few blocks away from us on North Sherman Ave. and we have been attending her classes for some time now. We find that her gentle, intuitive style fits in perfectly with our study of A Course in Miracles. Please see her website for details.








Since you’re here… …we have a small favor to ask. More people are reading our posts, listening to our audios and watching our videos than ever before but far fewer are donating for it. As an all-volunteer ministry, you can see why we need to ask for your help. MiraclesOne provides ACIM resources freely however it takes a lot of time, money and hard work to produce. But we do it because we believe in encouraging others to practically apply the Course principles in their lives – because it might just make the one difference in your life. If everyone who reads, listens or watches and likes what we offer helps to pay for it we can continue to afford our expenses and keep our resources FREE to all ACIM Students. Monthly Donors receive free gifts in appreciation for their support.


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