One-on-One Personal Study with MiraclesOne

– Want to strengthen your connection with Holy Spirit?

– Need a nonjudgmental and loving ear to listen to your ideas and interpretations?

– Want to truly deepen your studies of A Course in Miracles and feel supported in applying its principles in your daily life?

Together, we will walk hand in hand with the Holy Spirit as we explore the gifts He has in store for you on the healing journey. You will be lovingly supported by an experienced student, teacher and facilitator of ACIM, yet, in the study, both will be equal brothers sharing the journey Home.

This personal one-on-one study includes your choice of one of our Practical Application Series of themed programs. We will use this as a basis for our time spent together. The Holy Spirit will be completely in charge of our sessions and we will allow Him to set each session’s “lesson plan.” We will meet for eight, weekly, one hour sessions via the phone (or in-person if you live in the same city as the mentor), at a day and time that fits into your schedule.

The Practical Application Series of 30 Day (Lessons) Programs invite Course students to take their level of study and practice to a deeper level. Reading the Course, meditation, connection with Holy Spirit, daily focus, journaling, and integration into one’s personal life are the components of the program. We do not give you our interpretations of the Course, but rather support you in accessing Holy Spirit’s Wisdom and Interpretation that is there for you.

The program is meant to be done at your own pace, you do not have to complete the program in 30 days. It is merely a tool to use to deepen the intimate connection with the Holy Spirit. (Although the benefits of a daily practice of meditation and study are immeasurable.)

Our theme at MiraclesOne is “Practical Application.” This is what you will find as a major component of what we do. We choose to practice applying ACIM principles into our lives rather than debating, discussing and analyzing theory. The other important component is meditation. During the one-on-one process, we will demonstrate following Holy Spirit’s Guidance and we will share from our own personal healing lessons and experiences. We encourage you to do the same. Everyone has the Inner Teacher within, your Friend and Guide, and we support you in strengthening your connection to the Holy Spirit. We hope that you will join with us to participate in this unique approach.

As part of your registration, you will receive a Practical Application Program Workbook and CD ($44.95 value) for your study.

See “ACIM Personal Studies” for more details about Program and “ACIM Practical Application Study Series Topics” for topics currently available.

$200 for 8 Weekly One-on-One Sessions.

Extra sessions available for an additional cost.
Ongoing email support included.

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