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MiraclesOne Foundation Mission Statement

We assist others with learning how to live the Spirit-Led life through the study and practical application of the teachings in A Course in Miracles. At MiraclesOne, judgment is not our goal, joining in His Love with our brothers, is. Since the Holy Spirit speaks to each of us in a personal language that we can understand, and since we each have our individualized curriculum taught to us by Him based upon our own life’s reference, we cannot hold that there is only one way or viewpoint to approach the principles of A Course in Miracles, instead, we can hold the love and support that each student fully deserves. We know that each student is always being perfectly guided by Him. We know that it is through our personal experiences and practical application that we come to know and respect the Real Love inside of us all.



To allow all of our motivations to be guided by the Voice of the Holy Spirit and to help others come to the personal experience of knowing and experiencing the Holy Spirit within them, thus continuing to extend Jesus’ message of Love and Forgiveness to the world.


MiraclesOne Purpose and Objectives

Through our forgiveness, we awaken.

Through our listening, we are guided.

Through our demonstration, we remind.

Through our sharing, we walk with our brothers on the journey Home.


MiraclesOne Light University Purpose

The purpose of our University Programs is three-fold: Study, Experience, and Extension. This purpose was gifted to us as we experienced many purposeful and dedicated sessions of the MiraclesOne Board of Advisors with Holy Spirit joining in the space of His Stillness seeking only what He would have us set as His purpose for us here in the world. In trusting Holy Spirit and His Most Holy Guidance, we received that our purpose for the MiraclesOne Light University involved the following three points.We are grateful that He knows how to work with us all here in the world. We are His Servants for the Awakening.

The three points:

Study as the dedicated study of the spiritual text, A Course in Miracles

“This is a course in mind training. All learning involves attention and study at some level.” T-1.Vii.4:1-2

Experience is gained as we begin to personally experience the Holy Spirit within us and we practically apply the Course’s principles in every facet of our lives.

“This is not a course in the play of ideas, but in their practical application.” T-11.VIII.5:3

Extension of the Love of God to our brothers naturally occurs as we gain insights from the Holy Spirit. This leads to the recognition of our Oneness and truly becoming Teachers of God.

“Your brother is your friend because his Father created him like you. There is no difference. You have been given to your brother that love might be extended, not cut off from him.” T-24.I.7:1-3

The focus of MiraclesOne can be summed up in this quote from 
A Course in Miracles that is used above in “Experience”:

“This is not a course in the play of ideas, 
but in their practical application.” T-11.VIII.5:3

We offer many opportunities for you to deepen your connection with the Holy Spirit and practically apply the principles one learns through the study ofA Course in MiraclesIf you are guided to join with us, we are here to lovingly support your journey.




Since you’re here… …we have a small favor to ask. More people are reading our posts, listening to our audios and watching our videos than ever before but far fewer are donating for it. As an all-volunteer ministry, you can see why we need to ask for your help. MiraclesOne provides ACIM resources freely however it takes a lot of time, money and hard work to produce. But we do it because we believe in encouraging others to practically apply the Course principles in their lives – because it might just make the one difference in your life. If everyone who reads, listens or watches and likes what we offer helps to pay for it we can continue to afford our expenses and keep our resources FREE to all ACIM Students. Monthly Donors receive free gifts in appreciation for their support.


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